Spotlight: Emily & Fin

Spotlight: Emily & Fin

As you may know by now, we recently ventured into womens clothing and one of the first brands we placed an order with back in October last year, was British brand Emily & Fin. I have bought Emily & Fin clothes previously from various retailers and knew about their wonderful quality and prints first hand. When I spotted them at trade show Scoop last year I was super excited to find out that they were not stocked in Brighton and would be delighted to be sold through us.

So lets find out more about the brand, what inspires them and how the business evolved from its beginnings in 2002.

So, Emily and Fin established the brand but what made the two friends decide to start up the company?

 While travelling together we fell in love with the textiles, colours and patterns of India, and we were inspired to create some pieces which were originally just for ourselves. Our friends saw us wearing those and loved them, they started to ask for their own versions, and so the beginning of our brand was born.


Where do you find inspiration for the prints that you design in house?

 We find inspiration for our prints in all sorts of places, once you start looking it's almost impossible not to be inspired by what's around you! We could be rooting through a second-hand shop and come across a beautiful old dress, or a book of vintage wallpaper samples with some prints which really stand out. We both live in London which is a real hub of creativity and culture so we look to the people around us for inspiration as well.

 And how has the brand evolved since it started to where it is now?

 In the early days of Emily and Fin we were up at sunrise to set up at Portobello Market, and coming home to boxes piled up in our living rooms - the brand has evolved a lot since then! We began working with beautiful embroidery in Nepal but really found our signature style with the incredible printing of India. The thing that's stayed consistent throughout is keeping bold colours and beautiful, natural fabrics at the core of all our pieces.

And so now how many people work in the London offices and what do the team members do there?

 We have an amazing core team of 14 in our London offices, and we also work alongside some regular freelancers, to cover all aspects of the business from design to sales, finance to HR and e-comms.

 Emily and Fin are very hands on as the Creative directors, and we work alongside our Designer and Garment Technician, Pattern Cutter and Textile Designers to create each of our collections.

 We have a fantastic General Manager who we couldn't live without. She oversees the whole process to make sure things run smoothly and that we’re on track to meet our deadlines and keep headed in the right direction.

What about where the garments are made?

 Our collections are predominantly made in a factory in India who we've built up a wonderful, long standing relationship with. We visit every year, and this year the factory owner and his son are visiting us here in London. We also use a factory in China, and again we visit them on a regular basis.

 We make sure that we're involved at every stage of the process, and visiting our factories ensures we can build those close relationships with everyone involved in Emily and Fin.

 What are the bestselling styles/prints?

 We create new collections each season, but we do have a few favourites that we make sure are available again and again. We all know what it's like to find that perfect dress and then wishing we could find another just like it… We have so many loyal customers who love what we do and so we always try to look after them.

 Our signature really is our prints and so a lot of originality and hard work goes into these. They are designed in-house, from scratch, each season - often beginning from hand-drawn sketches or being painted by hand.

 Who is your target customer?

 Our perfect customers are women across the globe, usually between the ages of 25-45 - although we love when younger or older women discover us and adore what we do. These are creative, individual women who love fun and vibrant prints and are drawn to bold colour.

 Finally, who or what inspires you (the designers),  - artists, influencers, other designers?

 We recently visited the Dior exhibition at the V&A and that was incredibly inspiring. We're so drawn to colour and that really comes out in our collections, which are always bursting with bold and fresh shades.

 We adore Frida Kahlo, she was so strong and unique - completely unafraid to be 100% her own person.

 Just as we were originally inspired by our travels to India we are still inspired by beautiful places - whether that's a hike in the Spanish mountains or a trip to the British seaside!

 Most of all though, we will always be inspired by our customers. We love when people connect through social media and show us how they've styled our pieces. Our customers are so unique and it's wonderful to see how they take our pieces and make them their own.

If you want to find out which beautiful Emily & Fin pieces we have, take a look online or pop into the shop in the North Laine.